fitness, focus, respect, courtesy, self-defence

A Non-Quitting Spirit

Kids Karate

Seido Karate Juniors for 6 years and above

The Seido Junior Program teaches a modified karate syllabus, children in this program follow the same grade structure as the adult program. The program introduces children to the many benefits of traditional karate training such as fitness, focus, respect, courtesy, self-defence and most importantly; a non-quitting spirit. Training focuses on developing karate skills; there is also an emphasis on improving self-confidence, how to keep safe, learning respect and responsibility for others.


New belts and level stripes are awarded according to the number of classes attended and knowledge of required syllabus. This program prepares students for the adult program, which they can enter at the age of 15 years. However, students in their teens are not forced into the adult program; they make the move when they feel they are ready. Many juniors have successfully made this transition, with a growing number achieving their black belts.

Gradings are a wonderful event at our dojo. The process of achieving a new belt level is celebrated by all participants and spectators alike. We encourage friends and family members to come and watch and take photos!


For our junior program, we recommend the kids start-up pack for only $259 which includes a karate uniform and entire school term of training. After the initial start-up; fees are $229 per term - payable at the start of each term.

Getting Started

Before you arrive at the dojo for the first time; it’s best to contact us and organise a day and time to come in. We’ll advise you of a time 10 minutes before the class starts, so that we can give you and your child a quick tour and get them dressed into their new karate uniform.